Love in Time of Corona

… between Amsterdam, New York and Milford, PA


Contrary to what Vogue said about me I am NOT a Miami native.

I’m not saying this because I object to Miami natives, but because you must be wondering why this blog is called BarbidoesMiami if Barbi is a Miami native. Right? Like when Debbi did Dallas nobody thought she was actually a Dallas native. The fact that she and I are visitors makes the possibilities of our experiences all the more titillating.


I moved to Miami Beach 4 years ago. From Milford in the icy north, a small town ninety minutes outside New York City, where husband and I attempted to keep careers going in NYC while raising three daughters in a kid-friendly environment.

One day husband came home from a junket in Miami and three months later we were here.

This blog is about what happens when you pack up your family and move to the beach. Miami Beach. Known for its parties. Its bling. Its “The Capitol of South America” image. Its scary police department. Beaches. Sun. Corrupt mayors. Starchitect buildings. And so much more…

Its about how to help make this city of extremes, like extreme consumption and waste, just a little greener.

It is a journal of my life as it evolves from mother, wife  and designer to activist, Ted speaker and movie maker.

Its about reminiscing my past lives as a child in Amsterdam, a global fashion model, and design director at Calvin Klein.

Its about Eleuthera in the Bahamas where I harvest raw materials for my collections @ Plastic is

Its about how to stay happily married after 23 years to the same (intriguing, inspiring, irresistable) man. (man links to his blog).

Sometimes its even about What-To-Do, and What-Not-To-Do-in-Miami top-ten lists.

Its about friendship, fun, frustration and love.

Lots of love…

4 thoughts on “About

  1. You are rocking that shit out of this blog, well done and all that jazz, kuddos BDM. Save alittle Miami fun for turkey day.

  2. Funniest blog on the net. In fact, that what I just put on my FB pages, both of them. is one, and my private one, I friended you on. So great, keep it up 🙂 Jan

  3. BARBI!!!!!! Thank you for this eloquent piece on the travesty that has occurred and I wish that EVERYBODY out there who is following this story could read this to get the perspective how HYPOCRITICAL MIAMI AUTHORITIES are…yes they do encourage graffiti and could care less about the kids doing REAL graffiti not legal murals. And WYNWOOD? Don’t even talk to me about some of those developers who I will not name here that have been contacting me to “honor” Israel just really to get people into their galleries.

    • Hello Barbi. I’m a reporter and would like to talk to you for a couple of minutes about Israel Hernandez. I’m trying to put together a different type of piece and after reading your blog I think you are just the person to speak to. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at …. Thank you!

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