Love in Time of Corona

… between Amsterdam, New York and Milford, PA

the day before we leave


beautiful last day at home

beautiful last day at home

my studio in hibernation

my studio in hibernation

why am i leaving here? the most beautiful home, the most fabulous friends, the best bakery, the best school, close to NYC. so why?
is it a stupid idea? am i fucking with a good thing? a great thing? panic grabs me every morning before everyone wakes. the twins feel as i do. freaked out. mommy they say, miami is too grown up for us. like it is r rated and they should not really be allowed in. they have a point of course. they always do. iona wants r rated. iona, age 13 craves r rated. alastair, age 56, also craves r rated for pretty much the same reasons iona does: action, attention, parties, nubile topless bodies, sun, sand, and the unexpected. neither is much interested in packin up and gettin ready. they just want to be there already. as a result i’m packin and gettin ready. all before the party later today. the party that will be a good party not a good-bye party…

Author: barbidoesmiami

Barbi no longer does Miami. Barbara moved back north to her home near NYC. This makes her very happy.... She still produces and designs books and contributes to the fight against not only environmental pollution but also the mental pollution that is sweeping the USA. Stay tuned for more blogs now that Miami has been done!

3 thoughts on “the day before we leave

  1. You must have your reasons. You must have chewed on them well, then watched to see how they digest, then found all that was left was the leap, so you leave northeast at its finest hour, but before that long winter gets its stake.
    I don’t know what you are up to, but things will be fine, they are even when they aren’t.
    Sand on the floor mats of the car now.
    Go with luxury intent.


  2. You will love South Florida. You can get your flu shot in the super market and buy wine in the drug store. Brands Mart had some great stuff in their Labor Day circular : a Proctor Toaster for $12.88, a 5 bottle wine holder for $6.88, a Eureka Mighty Mite Canister for $48.88. a Drive brand folding wheelchair with carrying tote for $118.88, a Philips Heart Start Defibrillator for $1298.88, and a Black & Decker High Speed Blender for $18.88.”The Garden’s Memorial Park” has a big discount ad running for side by side crypts at a huge discount, but offer expires soon, bring coupon with you, and Riverside Memorial Park has an ad for 2 free 20 guage steel caskets with the purchase of any tandem mausoleum for two. Offer good until September 15, 2009.

    Welcome to Florida. What more could one want?

  3. I have been looking for all that stuff here in New York and the traffic is impossible around the few stores that carry everything.
    What a relief! Thanks for the tip.

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