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children – not a weakness, not even in fashion


kids in the rain

us in the rain

anna wintour says her kids are her weakness. after watching her in The September Issue i  see why.  weakness to Anna is the urge to be warm, encouraging, open, funny and sensitive, emotions which, as the center of the fashion world, Anna does not broadcast.  but around her daughter, who says fashion is entertaining but silly,  anna shows (big gold) buttoned up affection that sizzles with loneliness and when her daughter  says no mom i wont  be your successor (anna thinks vogue  her royal court). i will be a lawyer. anna hears,  she will abandon me. and i’ll be alone with my weakness. i dont care about anna perse, but i care about her power as icon of fashion. i just wish she wasn’t such a bitch cartoon. after all she is a mother, an ex wife, an influential leader and boss. but in her windowless world wintour is not a role model for  modern women.

i evolved in fashion a decade after she did, london in the eighties and new york in the nineties.  and i remember it as inspired.  wild,  inclusive, free, and magnanimous.  but  fashion  is no longer the arena where creative women can express themselves. its the industry  where we can get lost in the insecurity of everything that we are/have not.

anna wintour is at fashion’s core, and at the core of anna wintour is the belief that her children are her weakness.


YO ANNA. children are a strength. all the emotions our children make us feel, compassionate, vulnerable, angry, protective, love, fear, are our strength. not just as mothers. but as women who are bosses, leaders, wives and friends. it is where we, women, easily connect with each other. its where we feel comfortable in the strength of our numbers. its where we  have each other’s back. it’s where we stand apart. it’s where we rule. even in fashion.

Author: barbidoesmiami

Barbi no longer does Miami. Barbara moved back north to her home near NYC. This makes her very happy.... She still produces and designs books and contributes to the fight against not only environmental pollution but also the mental pollution that is sweeping the USA. Stay tuned for more blogs now that Miami has been done!

9 thoughts on “children – not a weakness, not even in fashion

  1. Hi Barbara- love reading your blog! Had no idea you guys took the leap and moved to Miami! Is it permanent, semi-permanent, or semi-temporary?! What an adventure, and so glad you are capturing with this blog. You are a natural writer!

  2. You’re assuming an awful lot here. And building a blog post on it. Your assumptions and comments about this woman do not display any female solidarity and are not inspiring. You also assume a lot about all mothers and could make the same generalisations about dog owners; equally innaccurately for all. I tried to read more of your blog but you don’t really have anything much to say. I can only wish you well in what seems to be a fairly happy life.
    And also, thank you for the warning about the book, I’ll be sure to avoid such a poor attempt at rhetoric given this example.. But in the spirit of one woman helping another – you make no reasoned argument in your post, just vague assertions based on fluffy generalisations that could apply to dog owners as much as mothers. As I said quite clearly in my comment. If you know a woman professionally and want to criticise her but can’t through libel laws then don’t say anything. Spend your time doing something useful and inspiring. Writing doesn’t sound like the answer – you clearly don’t have the skill

    • And who are you?

      Have you seen the movie? If you want to speak about female solidarity then do not assume that Anna Wintour will give it to you, that is exactly my point. I know her. I know the women that work with her. If anything I was kind in my post. Go see the movie. I have been in fashion for a very long time, and it has turned from a place where there was a degree of solidarity between and for women, to a source of insecurity mongering. I do not take this lightly nor am I ignorant on the subject. I have written about it, I’m working on a book on the subject of women, fashion and beauty, I have spoken on NPR on eating disorders in models caused by unreasonable body weight standards. I also know what I’m taking on trying to criticize it in the open. I am going against an ingrained system that makes a lot of money from promoting women’s insecurity. A system which does not benefit from women’s solidarity nor confidence.
      I’m not quite sure what you are trying to get at. But then again starting a blog opens the door to criticism. I realize that. Anyway you do not inspire the sense in me that women’s solidarity is truly your goal.

      • Dont let this get to you barbara.. your right about everything you say feel and live.. and you do it terrific. I admire who you are and what you do( since I met you and even during a long time that we didnt see not spoke, i still admire you tremendously. it is YOUR blog so you can ventilate your thoughts freely and please dont try to be to political correct : ) Dont bother.

      • thank you manon, for your generous support. funnily enough it got to me enough to try and find out who this person was.
        her (or his) e-mail name is philipa lungstrumpf at fortean times.
        so thats pippi longstocking at a magazine that calls itself the “paranormal handbook” and “the world of strange phenomena”.
        hmmm. and he/she accuses me of assuming a lot?
        a whacko right? now its just funny and no longer taken personally…

      • Hey Barbi, een paranormale pipi langkous, should know that life is to short for bullshit : ) we do not need glassballs anymore we do have enormous developed yeah be opinionated cause i love it and love this blog.. your supporter from amsterdam : )

  3. Frank Lloyd Wright is reputed to have said:

    “There are times when I wished I loved my children as much as I love my buildings”

  4. I like that, its like saying I wish I loved my children as much as I love my Manolos…

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