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i am the original cursing mommy



Letter to Ian Frazier, re “easy cocktails from the cursing mommy”. New Yorker, September 14th.

Excuse ME. mr. Frazier.  but i’m it. i am the original fuckin’ cursing mommy. not  you  mister fuckin’ ian frazier. you gotta be too fuckin old. do you have twins? you’re a guy, for chrissake. your wife probably makes you your fuckin’ gimlets. and gimlets are so goddamn dated. i design my own fuckin’ cocktails.  THE MOTHERS HELPER. for instance. it has appeared in several cookbooks, thank you very much mr. frazier. it’s served at bars left in my wake. it bloody well works a fuckin’ dream. when the shit hits the fan. around six every day. when (why the fuck do they give them so much) homework hasn’t been touched. no edible shit  in the fridge. iona getting hysterical and depressed from eating a box of motherfuckin’ cheezits. twins  killing each other over the only surviving piece of shit DS. amber, our dog,  in neighbors yard trying to kill their bitch dog. my horny husband loiters down, i’m goin for a swim wanna come? i say whatya think? whos gonna do fuckin’ dinner? he shrugs. acts like i’m frigid. i say fuck off. he says you’ve turned into one nasty cursing mommy. so there you have it mr. frazier.

i’m fuckin’ IT.

and this is when i turn to: THE MOTHERS HELPER.
I grab the largest lemonade glass from the shelf.
fill 1/3 with vodka
1/3 with real (SIMPLE) lemonade
1/3 seltzer
add ice, slice of lemon and a sprig of mint if available.

aaahhh. sweet.

yes, mommy is having some lemonade. no you cant have a sip. get your own. and get your effing homework. NOW. i stick my head in the fridge. it looks more promising already. perfectly fine meals can be created with half a bag of baby carrots, half a packet of thin sliced chicken. an onion. a cannister of parmesan cheeze, some frozen ravioli, apples, bananas and bread.

i finish THE HELPER. i thank THE HELPER. i sit down with the twins. i say. you guys wanna make dinner while i do your homework. its a fair trade. oh mommy you’re  so funny, you really like lemonade dont you? hell i do!

the next post from the original cursing mommy:  how to organize a goddamn pool party for my hyper twins and their ADD friends  at the too fuckin’cool to crack a smile aqua pool and not be evicted for being too fuckin’ loud, not gay enough with too many kids, using too many bright colored, non AQUA logo, towels, jumping, splashing, diving, playing,  and have sicko wild time.

easy cocktails from the cursing mommy, in the new yorker, by ian frazier. LINK:

Author: barbidoesmiami

Barbi no longer does Miami. Barbara moved back north to her home near NYC. This makes her very happy.... She still produces and designs books and contributes to the fight against not only environmental pollution but also the mental pollution that is sweeping the USA. Stay tuned for more blogs now that Miami has been done!

5 thoughts on “i am the original cursing mommy

  1. Hey girl, I wondered how you did it… go
    Loved this blog ….the best yet.
    Cheers !
    Love you, Elaine

  2. Soooooo cool, this blog! It’s a book and a film and a Broadway show…

  3. honestly…i am much too fucking scared to vote for any other fucking choice than you!!!

  4. aaah, dont be scared. I’m just trying to be scary to Mr. so not scary Ian Frazier.

  5. I read this when it came out…good one!


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